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BS Degree
*Curriculum Map
Total Credits : 128
Credits for Required Courses : 96
Credits for Elective Courses : 32

MS Degree
*Curriculum Map
Total Credits : 24 (Thesis excluded credits for 6)
Credits for Required Courses : 6

Required Courses :
1.Optical Electronics(1)(2)

Must select and pass : Optoelectronics experiments

PhD Degree
*Curriculum Map
Total Credits : 22 (Thesis excluded credits for 8)
Credits for Required Courses : 4
Required Courses : Seminar(1)(2)(3)(4)

1.Students may apply to take at maximum 3 credits in other M.S. or PhD programs and at maximum 10 credits in the same professor's courses.
2.For special topics (專題) courses, only two courses and a maximum of four credits can be counted towards the required credits.